D: A world altering, revolutionary recipe

People of the world – cottage cheese lovers and cottage cheese haters alike – hold on to your hats, for I am about to change your lives – nay, the world as a whole.

I present to you……cottage cheese delight:

– 1/2 cottage cheese

– frozen fruit of some kind (optional)… I use 1/2 banana and a handful frozen mixed berries

– 1/2 scoop to 1 scoop protein powder (chocolate is what I use because that’s all I have, so use whatever you have).

– any other add ins you want (I use pumpkin and spinach most of the time, but sometimes I add dark chocolate, almond/peanut butter, etc.)

– topping (I use these cookies http://www.leclercfoods.com/img/products/box/Box-Prae_DarkChocolateChipCocoaWine.jpg, but I’ve also used all bran bites, corn pops…you name it).

– Sweetener (if you choose…I use stevia, but you could use honey or agave or just plain suga if you want).

Blend everything except the topping, and then………put the topping on, obviously.

I’m not employing even the slightest use of hyperbole when I say that I have eaten this at least once a day for the last 20 consecutive days, as a meal. I even have it packed for my lunch tomorrow. AH-MAY-ZIZZLE.


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