(T)Missing: Hungry Minds Blogger

So to any of you who have been reading lately – I apologize. Not because D. doesn’t keep you adequately entertained – because I have no doubt that she does – but because I have let you down. All my life I have struggled with commitment issues and it seems to have spilled over into my blogging life… Ok. Maybe I’m being a bit dramatic. I am currently living in an apartment that is temporary – albeit beautiful – and because of this apparantly unending state of limbo I am unable to have the internet installed. As such, I am sitting in the library in an attempt to salvage my friendship with D; which is in tatters due to my lack of blog-tastic effort.

Lately, I have been sticking mostly to non-fiction but Ill touch on a little of what I’ve read since I last posted.

1- Che Guevera: A Revolutionary Life.

AMAZING…not him, the book. Extremely well-written and objective. It makes me feel like ‘yes, even you can start a revolution’…just dont do this if you intend on keeping your hands in the after life.

A few good quotes from this gem:

“Education is the capacity to confront the situations posed by life.”

“To make a sterile scarifice that does nothing to lift up a new life: that is anguish.”

“The isolated effort of one man, regardless of the purity of ideals, is worthless.”

2- Bobby Kennedy: His Life

I laughed, I cried…I sobbed…I wailed to the point that I’m sure my pretentious neighbours thought I was dying. (A$$holes probably just hoped it would end soon so that my uncomfortable sounds would stop interrupting their dinner parties…or box socials…or whatever it is you kids do today) This book made me feel so much sympathy for the black sheep of the Kennedys that I feel like I now actually have an uncomfortably strong crush on a dead man.

Quotes that caught my eye:

“We may all be doomed but each man must define himself anew each day by his own actions.”

“Some men see things as they are and ask ‘why’ – I see things as they never were and ask ‘why not’…”

“Each time a man stands up for an ideal… he sends a tiny ripple of hope…”

3- Notes on a Scandal (good movie – better book)

If you thought Judy Dench was creepy…you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Here’s a little tidbit to wet your whistle… (apparently Im ninety five years old and this saying is ‘the cats pyjamas’) Not only is there an innapropriate affair with a student and weird lesbian obsession and sexual tension within a friendship…you actually end up rooting for the pedophile teacher since in comparison to her “unnapointed guardian” she seems like a bloody saint. It’s a quick read and definitely worth the two days – take a weekend, plough through it and enjoy your seat up on your moral high horse since none of us have done anything close to this horrendous.

…’til next time. Look forward to me finishing ‘The Sad truth about Happiness’ and Kafka’s ‘Amerika’.


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