D: Worst blogger(s) ever!

At least T. has an excuse for being an awful blogger (she doesn’t have the internet yet).  I have just been SWAMPED lately!!

First, my dad was in town for 2 weekends so I spent 2 consecutive Friday night/Saturdays/Sundays with him (which was fab and I got so spoiled at Costco).

On the job front, I gave my 2 weeks notice at my job this past Monday and so this coming Friday will be my last day there. Monday is a holiday, but on Tuesday I’ll be starting my new job!! I am excited and obviously very nervous.

Weight wise, I have been making some progress! This past week, I hit 148.2 which is just 13lbs from my goal weight, so that is mayjah awesome. I did indulge a bit this weekend though so I’m hoping when I step on the scale tomorrow morning it’s not too traumatizing.

Today I ran 8.25 km and it wasn’t bad at all. Very refreshing, in fact. This gives me lots of hope that I can do a 10k in the near future 😀 For someone who weighed 240lbs two years ago this is very exciting.

Anyways, sorry to cut this short and to have written like a 4 year old with ADHD but a bath with epsom salts and my newest read The Secret Life of Plants are calling. Ahhh.


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