D: Armed with will and determination

And Grace, too.

I figured this would be a timely title for a post because this week, after running on strength and determination for a few weeks, things picked up in my life.


I’m being hired but CIHR (Canadian Institutes for Health Research). This has started a bidding war between my current government department and CIHR and I feel awful leaving the amazing amazing amaaaaaaaaazing team I have at my current department, but I have to do this. Health research is something I’m passionate about, and something I advocate for, so it would be stupid not to try this.


This week, my weight finally budged, in a big way! This week at Weight Watchers, I was down 3lbs, and that was after having gone for dinner with my dad the night before (eating out usually means lots of salt, etc. and typically leads to a lil gain the next day for me). And! On Friday morning I saw a brand new number on the scale – 149! Whoot whoot! This was my activity for the last week

Saturday: 50 minute spin, 60 minute pump, 5km walk

Sunday:  7km run

Monday: 7km walk

Tuesday: Spin

Wednesday: 7km walk

Thursday: Spin

Friday: 9km walk

So, this week was actually a little less activity packed than before! I am going to have to adjust when I move over to CIHR, because I will no longer be walking to and from work (which is what makes up the 7km I walk every day) because my new work will be 3 blocks from my apartment, so the gym will be especially critical.


To finish up this post so I can go for my run, this post title is also very a propos because I am going to see the Tragically Hip on Saturday!!!! Can’t wait eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!


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