D: On behalf of T.

I wanted to post on behalf of my ginger counterpart, T. As you may know, the premise for this blog was initially going to be two girls, living halfway across the world from one another, trying to keep in touch with each other and with the world. Well, in an unfortunate twist of events, T. has had to postpone her fantastic voyage across the Pond until next year. I say “unfortunate” because I know she was really excited to go, but it really is fortunate for the rest of us 🙂 My brain and wardrobe is very happy she is not leaving yet.

Second plot twist: T had already given her notice on her apartment, and therefore had to scramble to find a place that was available tout de suite. Luckily, she was able to find a reasonably priced place downtown; howevah, it needs some work before she can move in so the rental agency is putting her up in this baller pad until it’s ready. All this to say, T. does not have the internet but will report back as soon as she does.
On the weight front, I have been stagnant. I’m not sure why. I think my body is having a weird reaction to the new and increased cardio in my life. Last week it looked like this:

Sat – 6.9km run

Sun – 6km walk, weights

Mon – 5.6km run

Tues – 7km walk, spinning

Wed – 7km walk, BodyPump class

Thurs – 7km walk, spin

Fri – 7km walk

And at my Weigh-In on Saturday, I was the same 😦 On Saturday, I did a spin class + a Pump class + a 10km walk with T., and was up 2 lbs yesterday on the scale. And up another lb this morning after running 7km yesterday. Very discouraging indeed but I am trying to keep the faith.

Oh, and to channel T. since she can’t be here, I will tell you what I’m reading:


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