T: Chez Che.

So, I realise Im a horrible blogger…buuuuut I promise it won’t happen again. I swear to blog more often than I have been. The problem is that Im moving far far away from everyone I love in about ten days…or a little less. Since I am moving to the UK I have basically been using this move as fodder to be even more ridiculous than usual. I have been out every night for the past four nights. The first night though was by far the most entertaining.

The other night two of my good friends and I decided that we would go to a bar in the city that we always have a good time in; kind of one last hoorah for me in this particular bar…but you should all know this is a hang out for the young ‘uns. It’s like after you get sick of walking around the mall not buying anything and your parents can’t come to pick you  up because they are busy you kill time here…ok not that bad but they’re young. So at some point during the night my amazing friend decided that instead of telling the truth about her age (24, with a BSc, soon to have an MSc, and starting teachers college this week) she would tell the 12 year old boys around us that she was in third year at a local college…this should basically inform you of how the night went. But just in case you need some help the following were all components of the night

1)Telling strangers what it is like to work in a bingo hall.

2)Non-smokers smoking.

3)Falling in lust with engaged men and pretending we already know they are engaged when informed.

4)Trying to take a hoodie off of a 14 year old boy while laughing so hard you can’t breathe.

5) Walking a stranger’s dog through major construction at 3 am.

…among many many others. Regardless…this was an amazing night. Unfortunately for the blog and my liver the next two nights and the night previous to it were very similar.

So….back to literature. I started to read Anna Karenina upon completing Persuasion, but I got distracted. I got distracted by a little gem called the biography of Che Guevara. This epic bible kept me and a pint of Labatt 50 company on Friday night while I waited for a friend on a patio…waited for a friend for two hours. Bad Friend…GREAT book. Here is a little teaser until I write tomorrow…he just had sex with his aunt’s maid BEHIND HER BACK. He left the dining room table at lunch went into the kitchen…banged the maid and came back to finish his PB&J…or whatever the Argentinian equivalent is.

stay tuned…no life lessons today – my head is killing me…correction – life lesson of the day is “I’m moving.” is not a get out of jail free card.


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