D: Full belly AND mind.

Today, friends, both my belly and my mind are full.  I had a job interview this morning, so I wasn’t really hungry beforehand on account of my nerrrrvs.

The interview went well, but I’m not positive I want the gig. It’s hard to explain and sort of elaborate but it’s working for a government agency in a position involving the media, and working from 6am-2pm. I’m a morning person by nature and find I’m most productive in the morning but this job sounds intense and as much as I’m wanting to advance my career and get into the National Security field, I am just wanting to chill for awhile. After finishing my master’s in April, I’m just wanting a stress-free 8-4 for the time being and this isn’t that. But we’ll see. It’s not like they’ve offered me anything yet.

So on the food front, all has been well. I had a couple of slices of pizza for dinner and, of course, instead of accepting that it fit in with my “plan” and that I had the wiggle room for it, I thought about how salty it is and how I’ll be bloated tomorrow after eating it. Not the right mindset, but that’s what we’re working on. I ate the damn pizza instead of my egg white omelette, didn’t I? Simma dowwwn.

I don’t have a tonne to write because I’m a) exhausted, b)sleepy, and c)going to get up at 5:30 to run before work. All reasons to stop zee typing and start zee sleeping. Here’s a quick recap of what I ate today:


Chia pudding (chocolate protein powder, chia seed, coconut oil, stevia, milk)


Cadbury thins bar


1 serving of Mary’s Organic Crackers

1 serving low fat cheese

2 laughing cow cheese wedges

cucumber/dill/yogurt salad


1 serving of Barbara’s Cinnamon Puffins with…

10 raw almonds


2 slices pesto whole wheat pizza

1/2 cheesestick

1 zucchini, roasted.

5 asparagus spears.

C’est tout!! Bonne nuit, beaux reves.


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