D: You done good, kid.

Today was my weigh-in day! I lost 4lbs, putting my total weight loss on Weight Watchers at 60.5lbs. I think I am going to set my Weight Watchers goal to 149, which is 5lbs from where I am now. I’ll continue to pursue my ultimate goal of 135 after I’ve hit WW goal, but I just want to stop paying to weigh-in because it’s too pricy. I’m not a baller, in case you hadn’t deduced that yet.

Today was a weird, junky-food day. I had a job interview after my weigh-in (why the government insisted on having interviews on Saturdays for this job is beyond me) and then I booted to the grocery store before I came home, so it was about 12 before I ended up back at my place. My favourite cereal, Barbara’s Cinnamon Puffins:

were on sale at the grocery store 2/$5 (they are usually $4.99 a box so that is a steal). They are delicious and very healthy (1 point for 30g). I often bring a baggie of them to work with me for a mid-afternoon snack. In case anyone is interested, here are a few of my other go-to snacks:

Cara Cara oranges

Pitted Dates (I freeze these and they are like caramels!!)

Raw Almonds

Well, that’s it for me. Tomorrow involves lamenting the end of the weekend and maybe hanging out with my other bestie, Leigh.


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