D: A lesson in [im]balance.

Well, for someone trying to achieve a balance between loving food and loooooooooooooooooooooving food (and by looooooooooooooooving I mean in shoving it in their face mindlessly), I sure hit the ground running.

I picked up a couple of those little caramel square thingies on my way to work this morning, with the intention of sharing with my coworker/friend. When I got to her desk, I discovered that she had purchased a big bag of Riesen caramel chocolates, and she gave me one. And then she said she wanted them gone, so I helped her eat proooobably about 10 of them. A person with normal food habits does NOT EAT 10 chocolates because they are there. As much as I am trying to practice moderation, in some cases having 1 of something just leads me into a “downward spiral” of eating 10 more.

Exhibit A:


Exhibit B:


I feel fairly certain that I can attribute at least a part of my lack of inhibition today to the fact that the scale was my serrrrrrrrrrious homeboy this morning. It seems like whenever I have a really good weigh-in, I try and sabotage it by eating crap. Hmm. Food for thought.

For the sake of accountability, I’ll post what I ate today:

Chia pudding (almonds, milk, chia powder, protein powder, coconut oil. Sounds gross but is deeeee-friggin-licious.

10 Riesen chocolates :S

3 Wasa Thins
1/2 cup 1% Cottage Cheese
4 tbsp hummus

granola bar

Spaghetti squash with okra, curry powder, zucchini, and onion.
1/2 Starbucks chocolate caramel covered pretzel

1 Kiwi
1 Orange

As you can see WAY too much chocolate. Once I start, I can’t stop 😦

Oh well. Upward and onward!


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