T: Day 1

So now that everyone who has read our blog has been enlightened about why we’re writing LET THE ADVENTURES BEGIN! Although no one, aside from the two of us, has probably read this we’ll pretend for  the sake of entertainment that there is at least one sad soul who stumbled upon this site. After all the majority of the reading I do is fiction; so we’ll stay in the same vein.

Today is a little rough for me. It was beautiful out yesterday and after a day of cooking in the sun I decided to hit up a patio. First of all when I say cooking I mean it. I am about as close to well done as a human being can get without the necessary skin grafts. I am sore all over. This does not help my hangover. Second of all – there is only one person to blame for the hangover …William Grant. For those of who you are unaware, William Grant is the proud owner of the Glenfiddich distillery in Scotland. I should blame myself, but in all reality I didn’t have a hand in making the drink so G.D. tasty.

As the room has only recently stopped spinning I haven’t done much reading, but, I am about halfway through Madame Bovary and IT IS STEAMY! so stay tuned for tomorrow when ill give you some thoughts and possibly some overly harsh criticism for a writer much more talented than myself. Those who can’t do not only teach, they also rant in a web based format in a tone that implies that had it not already been written they would have written it…but better.


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