D: Why food?

Well, the bar has certainly been set high for this little “intro” that I’m supposed to write.

First off,  I guess I should explain why I’m taking the food side of this multiple-personality’d blog. Now, this is not to say that I’ll sign in blood that I won’t everrrr talk about books (at first I wrote boobs, and I’m wondering if I should have left it that way!!), because I do love to read. But, given that most of the books I read are hand-me-downs from T, I figure I’ll let her call the shots on that end (no, not that end).

Now, what was I talked about again? Oh yes – so, why food?

I’ve struggled with my weight for most of my life. Growing up, my parents were both obese and, as a result, my brother and I grew up eating a lot of junk (for now, we’ll bypass how my brother was stick thin until he was about 18). I was always a bit chubby,  and I can remember the day that a boy I liked asked one of my friends to ask me if toilet seats broke when I sat on them, and if I could see my feet if I stared straight down. I also remember that when I was in Grade 5, I weighed about 120 lbs – as much as my teacher.

I was put on my first diet when I was about 9, and it was the year before my family visited Disney World. I was weighed in every week by my mom, and if I hadn’t lost, I was in big trouble! I never did lose7 the weight and, by the time I was in high school, I pretty much yo-yo’d between 180 and 210 lbs.

When I left home at 17 to get learned (read: go to university) halfway across the country (which is Canada, by the way), I suddenly realized I was the most overweight person on my floor in residence, and that I felt disgusting next to all of the girls that I hung out with. I would go shopping with them, and sit and tell them how awesome they looked, all the while lamenting that I couldn’t fit into any of the store sizes.

Finally, I took control of my health and my life and went from 215 to 143lbs, in about a year. I exercised for at least an hour a day and ate (what I would have considered to be) extremely healthily. In actuality, I ate very restrictively and had an awful, distorted relationship with food that was not unlike the relationship that I had with food growing up that caused me to be overweight in the first place. When I met my now-boyfriend in 2004, I had no idea how to be around junk and alcohol without either abstaining completely or going all out, and so I chose the latter. I immediately started to gain back the weight I had lost and actually reached 240lbs in 2007.

To make a long story short, I hated myself for negating all of my hard work and throwing in an extra 25lbs to boot, and I couldn’t break the cycle of overeating. Eventually, an overweight friend of mine joined Weight Watchers and I decided to join along, and have lost (to date) 58.5lbs, landing me at about 156lbs.. Ultimately, I’d like to hit 135, but it’s a work in progress – just like my relationship with food.

Nutrition and food, while they should perhaps be my foes given our tumultuous relationship, are my passion. I love to cook, to watch other people cook (I love you Ina Garten!!!),  and to feed people. Most of all,  I love to read about the ever-changing whys and hows of food science.  Wait, I forgot about eating.  I lovelovelove to eat. I’m hoping that, in keeping this blog, I can share with you the ins and outs of not only weight loss, but my mission to achieve a healthy relationship with food. This will involve recipes, recaps of daily menus, and some pictures if I can ever figure out this dang wordpress thing.

In sum, T and I are just two zesty besties (my first blog rhyme!!) who are trying to maintain our friendship and our sanity while living continents apart.  I think I speak for both of us when I say that if you stick with us, your belly and your mind will never go hungry.


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