T: Why books…

Since this is kind of like a first date…or job interview I feel like I should tell you why I decided to write about books. Ever since I can remember I’ve had my nose in a book. It was a world that was always waiting for me and within which I could do what I loved most – watch people. This was something I was always getting reprimanded for by my parents; and to this day am being reprimanded for by my friends.

I figured I could get away with people watching by essentially taking a university education in human observation, Anthropology. However, it turns out it wasn’t enough to cure me of my habit. I continued to listen to conversations concerning people I’d never met. I couldn’t help myself from constantly attempting to deduce relationships between individuals as they sat across from each other in a pub or coffee shop – although this often proves difficult without an omniscient voice to guide my train of thought.

I decided to make a concerted effort to avoid the complications that can come when people watching in the real world as opposed to the literary one. I am one who is all too familiar with being caught in mid-stare. I have even experienced an awkward sense of social responsibility after over hearing a conversation regarding an individual’s reckless sexual habits shortly following one concerning said individual’s recent worrying test results. As a result of the fore mentioned experiences I resolved to focus more of my time in the world of fictional characters and personal memoirs.

Now, the obvious follow-up question – ‘why write anything?’ A close friend of mine –what some would consider an intellectual soul mate – is easily one of the cleverest people I know. She was meant to pursue a world of writing…in the very least more people than just I should benefit from her knowledge of food and nutrition and her stinging wit. At my persistent urging she agreed, under the terms that we do it together. It was obvious what she would write about as she has an unlimited appreciation and knowledge of everything related to food. The question remained – what do I know anything about? As this summer has been comprised mostly of me attempting to plough through a small number of “the classics” and my whole life has revolved around the written word I decided it only made sense to write what about what I love. And, who knows?  Many say the best writers began as the best readers.


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